Best Mutual Funds in India 2019

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Parameters to Select Best Mutual Funds in India 2019

To select the best mutual funds to invest in India I have gone through the following key parameters.
Asset Size
I have selected the funds which manage a big amount. The big schemes are generally from the reputed fund house. You can be assured of the professional management. I have shortlisted only those mutual fund scheme which has the asset size of more than ₹1,000 crore.
Among the top performers, I have picked only those mutual funds schemes which have been good performer consistently. The fund should not take too much risk as it can be harmful if the market goes through the recession. I have picked only those mutual funds which took the low or average risk.
Fund Manager
The performance of a mutual fund scheme largely depends upon the fund house and fund manager. If a performing fund manager sticks with the scheme, you can expect better performance in the future. But in case of a new fund manager, you would be in the dark. That is why I have chosen only those funds which have the same fund manager since last 3 years.
Finally the return of the mutual fund. The performance of a mutual fund scheme is the most important in the selection of the best mutual fund in India. As it would be the only factor to build wealth. I have selected only those funds which have given above-average return during the last 5 years and 3 years. After this filter, I have picked the top performing mutual fund schemes for the last 3 years.

List of Best Mutual Funds in India for 2019

1. SBI Bluechip Fund

SBI Bluechip large-cap fund is one of the best mutual funds in India for 2019. Investing in blue chip companies like HDFC, M&M, ITC, Indusland Bank etc. The fund manager of SBI Bluechip Fund has 13 years of experience. This is a best mutual fund for the long term.

2. ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund

This is one of the best-diversified funds. This fund beats all its peers and has provided 18% annualized returns in the last 5 years compared to the balanced fund category in a similar period.

3. Aditya Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity

This large-cap fund is one of the most consistent performers. The portfolio of the fund is heavyweight on the financial sector and it has helped it in getting good returns.

4. L&T Emerging Businesses Fund
The fund invests in emerging businesses, typically in early stages of development, which have the potential to become future giants and deliver higher alpha. 
5. HDFC Balanced Fund

This fund remains a long-term performer in the category. HDFC Balanced Fund remains a good consistent performer in the category, especially for the first time investors. Asset size 16886.60cr NAV is 148.99

6. SBI Magnum Multicap Fund

Among the multicap schemes, SBI Magnum Multicap has distinguished itself as a steady performer with a reasonably good performance record. 

7. Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund

Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund large-cap fund has invested in 73 shares. Major stock holdings of this fund are in Infosys, HDFC Bank, Larsen & Toubro and ICICI bank. All these blue-chip stocks are performing very well and are expected to perform well in the future.

8. Franklin India Smaller Companies

Small cap funds tend to be highly volatile, but this fund has managed to have standard deviation lower than the category by 2% in both 3 years and 5 years. It invests in low capital intensive business having high growth potential.

9. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund

This fund has beaten all its peers and provided 31% annualized returns in 5 years. This midcap fund has performed in various market cycles, making this as a unique fund.

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