Stock Market Frauds And Scams In India

Stock Market Frauds And Scams In India

Staying away from Stock Market Fraud and Scams is very important, this kind of fraud and scam can cause a lot of damage to your money, so in this article, I am going to tell you about some of the common fraud and scams in the Indian stock market so that you can avoid these frauds and scams.

What is Stock Market Frauds and Scams?

There are some such people in the stock market and also some companies who promise to new investors that if they invest in the shares mentioned in their advice, they will be benefitted greatly,
And when some investors invest in the haste and greed of earning money by investing in them, then the money invested cannot be recovered and their money gets squeezed and thus they suffer a lot of losses,
All these things are always in the stock market due to the wrong practice of some wrong people, and some companies and some people are very systematically trapped in their separate schemes with the promise that their services and advice The investor is going to get a lot of benefits,
So this type of fraudulent activity in which people’s money is submerged due to the advice of a scheme and advisory company, it is called stock market fraud and scams.

Because of the Stock Market Frauds and Scams
According to research, only 2.5% of people in India invest in the direct stock market, because of the lack of stock market information,
Taking advantage of the absence of this stock market information, some people in India continue to make the victims of stock market fraud and scams in different ways for their benefit,
And as soon as new people who want to invest in the stock market, some of them often become victims of this stock market fraud and scam, and their hard earned money loses money,
So if you also want to invest in the stock market, keep in mind that you should constantly learn and understand about the stock market, and should be away from any kind of scam and fraud,
Some major reasons for Stock Market Fraud and Scams in India are –
1. Lack of stock market information
2. The greed to make money from the stock market as quickly as possible,
3. Trust the eye on the stock advisory company
Types of Stock Market Frauds and Scams
Here are some very common stock market frauds and scams in India:
3. CALLS and SMS on the name of the well-known brokerage firm
Now let’s look at them in a little bit about the details –

This is a very common fraud, in which most of the people suffer loss, some STOCK MARKET ADVISORY COMPANY in this kind of scam first assures you that you really benefit from their tips,
And for that, he also offers free or trial service,
Free service and trial service can be 1 Week or 1 month, in which thousands of people are convinced that they are benefitting greatly from the tips of the STOCK MARKET ADVISORY COMPANY,
And if such people are free to service or trial ends, then a subscription package is given for the next one year, in which a large amount of money is taken from these naive investors, and after that, the ADVISORY COMPANY It gives you many big losses, many times,
And when you complain about it, they tell about the reasons for this and tell about another big package,
Finally, the naïve spear investor who buys his stated shares by believing in these fraud companies and even paying fees, he gets double damage,
The amount invested is also sinking and fees are already paid,

Caution and Advice to Avoid SCAM:
So friends, if you also get calls from places such as any stock advisory company, DELHI, MUMBAI, INDORE, LUCKNOW, PUNE or other cities, then be careful with these calls and cut them off by NOT INTERESTED, And straightforwardly tell POLICE to complain,

Otherwise, these people will do such a thing that you will be trapped in their trap and you may have to suffer a lot.

Such schemes Some companies and people together buy plenty of shares of a very small company in the stock market at cheap prices, and now they buy and sell the shares bought by the company’s people only, and sell them Leads up the feeling.
And then, by message and call millions of new old investors in the market, they say – the stock of this company is going up a lot over the past few days, and it is going to go up a lot for the next one week or one month, and hence the stock will soon buy soon and earn profit.
Now a few thousand people of millions of investors are trapped in their net and buy shares by relying on this message, and then they keep selling their shares at this increased price, and as soon as their stock closes so, the new buyer of that stock is not in the market and soon the stock falls down very much.

Caution and Advice to Avoid SCAM:
It is sensible that you should always stay away from this kind of MESSAGE, and should be actively serving the DND on your mobile so that you will not find MESSAGE with SPAM and SCAM,
And if any message comes to you or your friend, be careful and do not pay any attention to such a message,
Only invest in those stocks that you have studied on, and you trust yourself.
3. CALLS and SMS on the name of well-known brokerage firm
If you have opened a DEMAT account, then maybe you have come to MESSAGE of stock TIPS by the names of many different big names like BROKERAGE like Sher Khan, Motilal Oswal, IIFL, ANGEL BROKING, etc.,
In which you will be told hot tips about some stocks and your attention will be attracted to that message and you will be asked to impress that you buy stocks mentioned in the message so that you get the benefit,
And when finally some people who buy these stocks by trusting in these messages, they eventually have to suffer loss,
Because this message is also the pump and dump company,

How to survive Stock Market Frauds and Scams

These were some Common Stock Market Frauds and Scams, but there are many other types of Stock Market Frauds and Scams coming in,
You should be avoiding these any kind of Stock Market Fraud and Scams, and if you want to make money in the stock market, then you have to work in the stock market for a long time, and just as you would like to study for a job year after year Write and then you get a job and you earn money,
Similarly, in the stock market, the same people earn money which learns and understands about the stock market,

And so, to earn money from the stock market, you have to give time to learn and understand it, and have to stay away from Stock Market Fraud and Scams.

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