Top Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

Stock market investing is a risky venture. You need to be very cautious while putting your hard earned money into it. Before diving into the dynamic stock market, you need to possess the right set of knowledge and adequate information. So, as an investor, you must be familiar with some of the best sites for Indian stock market analysis.


Moneycontrol is certainly the most popular website among the Indian stock investor. You can find all sorts of information on this website like market news, trends, charts, livestock prices, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, personal finance, IPOs etc. Moneycontrol website also provides a platform to track your investments and to create your own wish list. Further, the forum provided by this website for discussion is also one of a unique feature of this website. If you are unable to find the latest happenings of any company, just go to the forum of the stock, and read the discussions. Money control also has a mobile app in all platforms- Android, IOS, and windows.


The official website of National Stock Exchange (NSE) is up to date with financial data of any company. Since, each company registered with NSE has to give detailed information. So, you can easily locate useful and reliable details on domestic companies, foreign investors and new listings.
It ranks well in the top stock research sites in India. You get to see tons of historical data regarding NSE and Nifty as well. You also enjoy free technical analysis of Indian stocks, reports, charts and other website tools.


BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange, another popular Indian Stock Exchange. If you are looking for some more historical data about a company, this is probably the best place to visit. Since, BSE is Asia’s first stock exchange, and World’s 10th largest stock exchange.
So, you can find the oldest data about a company. Not only this, you also get to learn about domestic as well as foreign investors.
You can explore stock market statistics, listings, results, trends, charts etc. Hence, you can dig into all the important stock trading related information on this website

A screener is a great website for the fundamental analysis of a company to read its financials. All the features on Screener are absolutely free. You can find a number of important information about the companies on this website like general info, financial ratios, charts, analysis, peers, quarterly results, annual results, profit & loss statements, balance sheet, cash flows etc. The financial statements of a company are very long, however, screener simplifies the financials in small useful chunks. Anyone can easily read the annual reports, balance sheet etc.


Investing is the best site if you want to find all the information on the same website. You can do both fundamental and technical analysis of stocks on this website. The different options available on this website are general info, chart, news and analysis, financials, technicals, forum etc. You can also use a number of ‘tools’ available on this website. You can use the stock screener to shortlist the stocks based on different criteria like market capitalization, PE ratio, ROE, CAGR etc.


A great website to read a variety of posts regarding stock market, finance, economy, politics, science, sports etc. This website will keep you updated will all the happenings in the country so that you do not miss out any important one which might affect your stock selection in future.


Best website to stay updated with the latest market news. Economic times market provides instant and reliable news. It also posts morning and evening ‘briefs’. In case you missed the news an entire day, you can read all the happenings of the day here. Further, ET market provides similar information as money control website in terms of features it provides like stock charts, portfolio, Wishlist, expert views, mutual funds, commodities etc.

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