Vijay Kedia Success Story 35k to 500cr.

Vijay Kedia was born in the family of stockbrokers. His father, grandfather were stock brokers. Vijay started his career in the stock market in 1978. He joined stock market not because of his interest but because of compulsion when his father passed away. To run the family he got into the family business of trading and stock broking.
For the next 10 year, Vijay was only trading in the market making money sometimes and losing sometimes. Not earning enough from trading, Vijay also started a side business of supplying tea.
The biggest lesson that Vijay learned from trading was using Stop losses. Proper risk-reward and stop loss are important, without stop loss a trader can’t survive in the market. A trader can make money in many trades but can lose all the money in a single trade if he doesn’t use a stop loss. 
During the trading days in Calcutta, one of his friends S P Modi inspired him to invest instead of trading. Then he started to allocate a part of his money made from trading into investment. Initially, he used to invest in stocks recommended by Modi and got money multiplied based on his small investment size. Later he identified Punjab Tractor at Rs 50 and invested all his money RS 35000. Luckily stock got multiplied 5-6 times in next 3 years. Whatever he made from Punjab Tractors he invested in ACC at the price of 300 ₹. The stock didn’t move for a year but it multiplied 10 times and became a 3000 ₹ stock in the second year. He sold ACC at 3000 and bought an apartment from that money. Than after Kedia founded Kedia Securities Pvt Ltd in 1992.
Vijay believes an investor must have these Qualities.
Knowledge: Knowledge to find out quality stocks. To acquire this knowledge one has to read, read and read there is no shortcut. If one doesn’t have reading habit he can’t be a successful investor.
Courage: when you have the courage you can take more risk and gain more profit in stock market.
Patience: Stock market is volatile in nature. One need to invest for long term and to have the patience to earn good profit.


·   Never be dependent on the stock market for your livelihood or day-to-day living. Have an alternative source of income. This will insulate you from the volatility of the market and give you holding power;
·   Never buy a stock except after thorough study into the stock’s fundamentals. The stock market is not a gamble. You must also be fully aware of news and developments that affect your stocks and learn to “connect the dots”.
·   Never use borrowed funds to buy stocks. It is extremely risky and can lead to “instant death”. Less than 1% of the trading population makes money. Also, trading requires special aptitude which a normal person lacks.
·  Invest for a minimum period of five years. It takes time for companies to mature and grow.
·  Invest according to your risk profile. Ensure that other asset classes also have an allocation. This will again insulate you from the risk that equities carry and give you holding power
·   Invest only in the best-managed companies and don’t worry about day-to-day volatility in stock prices.
·  Remember that the “Investment belongs to the market and only the profit belongs to you”. In other words, don’t get carried away by notions and paper profits;
·  Book profits periodically. When a stock looks overvalued, don’t hesitate to cash in the gains;
·   Be balanced in your approach. Don’t be very optimistic in an uptrend and very pessimistic in a downtrend. Also, never have regrets;
·   Do good karma and be a good human being. The stock market is a mind game. Good deeds will ensure that your mind is calm and is able to think rationally.

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